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Katinka Delvoye

Scoring on social media with KAA Gent

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KAA Gent: Op naar 1,5 miljoen interacties in 2021!
Special thanks to WhyNot.Digital for their camerawork on this one.

Behind the screens, we have been working with KAA Gent on their social media content. Our ambition? Getting them in the box seat for the social media Jupiler Pro League table.

Zumo aims to assist KAA Gent in scoring top marks across the social media board. Not only do we make qualitative video content promoted across channels, we are also developing a cohesive, visual identity. At the same time, we are supporting their communications team, teaching them everything there is to know about creating visual content. You can watch some of the results of our collaboration on this page, on our site and on KAA Gent’s YouTube channel.

A big shout out to cameraman Wouter Baert for helping us out with this one.

KAA Gent finds it important that there is something for everyone. The amount of likes and views have shown us that we are on the right track. (If you are curious about KAA Ghent’s YouTube Interactions in 2020, you should definitely check out this article.)

In 2021, Zumo will not just continue the good work, but we’ll even take it up a notch. Because this is about more than helping KAA Gent to reach their audience. We strive to increase their social media engagement as well. Why? Because we want to make sure that the Buffalo’s and their fans truly become one family.

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