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Katinka Delvoye

When holograms take over Brussels

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We at ZUMO are all about getting that idea in your head visualised. Whether it is by turning it into a video, an animation or, in this case, Belgium’s first hologram demonstration. Yes, you read that correctly, a hologram demonstration.

Not your typical demonstration

Let's go back in time a bit. Inspired by a recent hologram demonstration in Madrid, Greenpeace Belgium approached us with the question whether we could create a similar hologram projection for them. Because together with Youth For Climate, Greenpeace wanted to make it seem as if a mass of people gathered in front of the EU Council building and the Belgian Parliament. Not only to send a message to the both Belgian and the EU government, but also to morally boost climate movements the evening before the virtual Global Climate Strike.

Come Prepared

We came up with two approaches to tackle this project. The first option was to use footage filmed in a green key studio in Spain. This footage was specifically created with virtual demonstrations in mind and would be ready to use. In other words, ideal for this project. Whether we would be able to actually use this footage and whether it would be delivered on time was not sure though. Since there was a deadline to meet, we had a plan B in the pipeline as well, which involved rotoscoping other footage by Greenpeace in order to separate the protesters from the background.

Time is ticking

Testing, testing, ...

Luckily, plan B turned out to be unnecessary, as the footage from Spain was delivered to us in the nick of time. By then,we had already filmed two Greenpeace ambassadors giving the current system a symbolic jab and sending the message that our future is at stake. In a race against time, we edited them into the footage using After Effects. A test-screening and some little tweaks here and there later, Belgium’s first hologram demonstration was ready to go. Delivering the vocal message that time is running out and that Greenpeace Belgium and Youth For Climate wouldn’t be silenced. A message that we gladly helped to visualise.

So, between all the toilet paper hoarding, the passionate bread making and quarantine social media, you can also find movements looking for creative ways to be heard. And we gladly assist them. Because it is not because you need to stay at home, that you have to stay quiet.

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